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How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend – Learn Why Most Guys FAIL to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend

So you got dumped and you’re looking for advice on how to get over your ex girlfriend?

There’s probably a part of you that feels shocked and confused right now. You might still be wondering what happened. Maybe you’ve already tried to figure out why she broke up with you but all she said was vague stuff about how she needs some “space” and how she just wants to be by herself right now.

And I’m sure you felt a really strong urge to try to get her back when she first broke the news to you. As guys, we usually try really hard to talk her out of it. We promise to change, we apologize, we explain, we rationalize, we justify, we beg, we plead, we cry… and the list can go on and on.

The truth is, we’ll do just about ANYTHING we can to try to change the situation.

how to get over your ex girlfriend

What Most Guys Forget When
Trying to Get Over an Ex Girlfriend

You CANNOT Convince a Woman to FEEL
Differently with “Logic” and “Reasoning”

Emotions Do NOT Operate Under the Laws of Logic!

That means there’s no way for you to override what she’s feeling with logic and reasoning. It’s like putting foreign currency into a vending machine and expecting your drink to come out. It won’t work.

So why do we act like we can change her mind if we just find the right thing to say?

Because we forget that women are EMOTIONAL creatures.

When our girlfriend tells us that she wants to break up with us, we almost always demand an explanation. We feel a very strong urge to figure out her “reason” for leaving. We tend to think that if we can just manage to understand why she’s breaking up with us, we can convince her to stay. As if it’s just some little misunderstanding that we can clear up and then everything will be okay. Well unfortunately that’s not how it works.

What You Need to Realize if You Truly
Want to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

If she felt strongly enough to actually want to end the relationship, it’s probably not just because of a couple fights or disagreements you guys had. It’s probably something serious, and most likely, one of the bigger problems in your relationship. Unfortunately, the big problems aren’t something that you could just explain away in a conversation.

However, we often don’t realize this and get too caught up trying to explain and defend ourselves. When she tells us her reason for leaving, we argue against it as if we can somehow disprove it. Now I know it’s tempting to think that you can just logically combat her reasons until she decides not to leave, but unfortunately, it rarely works that way.

Even if you manage to explain your way out of the original reason she gave you, she’ll quickly find another one. That’s because her reason for breaking up with you isn’t just one thing, it’s usually an accumulation of reasons that she can’t express very well.

In fact, even calling it an accumulation of reasons is actually a misnomer because she’s not breaking up with you for any particular reason… she’s breaking up with you based on an EMOTION. In other words, she feels differently about you and that’s what’s making her want to leave.

Why Her Reason for Leaving Doesn’t Make Sense

Because her decision to break up with you is an EMOTIONAL decision, the LOGICAL reasons she gives you won’t make all that much sense. In fact, they may even contradict themselves. She might say things like, “I wasn’t really looking for a relationship” or “I just want to be by myself right now”

Often times, the reasons that women give us don’t make sense and we spend weeks and months, reading into what she said and trying to figure out her real reason for leaving.

This was probably the biggest challenges I had when I was trying to get over her. I spent so many nights playing “connect the dots” in my head trying to figure out why she broke up with me.

I thought that if I could just figure out her reason, I could convince her to take me back by acknowledging my mistakes and providing a flawless explanation that demonstrated my understanding of the problem, followed by an apology and a sincere promise that things
will be different.

And although it actually did help me get her back a couple times, it never really lasted. We’d patch things up and everything would be great for a while but after 2-3 weeks, some little thing would come up again and then we were back on the verge of breaking up all over again.

And there I was, demanding another explanation, wanting to know her reason for breaking up with me. However, what I failed to realize is that every reason she gave me was just a symptom of the REAL problem.

What I Learned about Getting Over an Ex Girlfriend

She could stand there and point out each individual manifestation of the core issue and I could keep trying to remedy all the “symptoms” but it wouldn’t really make a difference in the long run because I wasn’t tackling the ROOT of the problem.

In fact, I didn’t even realize there was a “root” problem. I was convinced that the problems in our relationship were all of these little symptoms that she was describing. I thought that if I could just manage to resolve all the things she mentioned, everything would be okay.

But unfortunately, that was not the case. I could keep trying to treat each individual symptom but it wouldn’t make a difference unless I eliminated the root problem that was causing all of these symptoms to arise.

It’s kind of like trying to revive a dead tree by cutting off all the dead leaves. But cutting off the dead leaves isn’t going to make the new one’s grow healthy, it’s just going to cover up the fact the fact that the tree is dead. If you really want to revive it, you have to go to the root and fix it.

Well, this applies to relationships too. But a lot of the times, we don’t realize there’s actually a “root” problem behind all of the little problems. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying…

“Hindsight is 20/20”

Well, it’s often tough to see things as they really are without the clarity of hindsight.

You have to step back and create some distance between yourself and the situation in order to see things clearly. If you don’t, you’ll be too “caught up in the storm” to see past all the chaos and really get the big picture. There’s another great quote that says

“Life can only be understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards.”
- Soren Kierkegaard

That’s the maddening irony of the situation. You have to learn to be okay with the lack of clarity for now and trust that as you begin to move on with your life, the reason for why it happened will begin to reveal itself to you. I know just how difficult this is from my own experience so I can definitely say that it’s MUCH easier said than done. However, as time passes, things will become much clearer.

The 3 Keys to Getting Over Your Ex Girlfriend

1. Stop thinking about your ex and trying to figure out her “reason” for leaving.

2. Realize that you can’t get over your ex-girlfriend and move on with your life
if you keep living in the past.

3. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and trust that the reason
for why it happened will reveal itself to you over time.

If you’re feeling confused or frustrated about something that happened between you and your ex, click below to get my advice on how to get over your ex girlfriend based on your situation

how to get over your ex girlfriend

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Bradley Kilbourn May 26, 2011 at 12:25 am

Like my gf says she loves me and then just breaks up with me 4 my friends and then come back 2 me and i always say yes cuzz i think shes hot wht should i do
 if u have a answer email me at bradley.kilbourn@gmail.com


Ak AOD September 11, 2011 at 5:49 pm

What you have to realize is real true love doesnt come and go, or have degrees of intensity. When you love someone it becomes part of who you are. When you have given all your love and support and your partner leaves you anyway and tells you that they don’t love you anymore, or they don’t love you as much as they used to.They have never loved you in the first place. Life is to short and your love to valueable to concentrate on someone who doesn’t want all the love you have to offer.When someone leaves you and comes back repeatedly they are using your love. I beleve it’s better to be alone than focus your love on someone who is incapable of returning it. That idea helped me get over a relationship that was on and off for almost twenty years.


az dude November 7, 2011 at 8:52 pm

I’m 22 recently got married in july. I have two young boys I join the army and left for basic training but came back home on a medical discharge. My wife wanted a separation a week or so ago so I agreed though I didn’t want too. Out of curiousity I looked though her phone because I knew she was talking to a guy she left me for a few years ago. To my surprise I saw she was already sleeping with him again. I’m hurt and I want to move on and not care what she does but I find it as hard as it was the first time around. Also we currently are living together with my parents so that makes it harder, she’s a good mother and she works and is in school to be a nurse. She has no family in this state and I can’t just kick her out in the street. I want things to work out for our boys but I’m hurt and confused out my mind. I need help moving on any advice.. email me at flavioprado915@yahoo.com


keith November 8, 2011 at 1:39 pm

ook I been with my girl for 2 years. what I didn’t know is she was kinda the exact opposite of the type of girl I like. I don’t like girls who club nd party nd stuff because I think its slurry. but about time I found this out how she was I liked her too much to stop talking to her. she is or was young at first. she was only 16. but I think one reason is that she was young nd dumb. I try to preach to her nd tell her people label u these days as sluts nd I don’t want anybody calling my girl that. ok she ain’t that bad but she just mess up by doin stuff I don’t like. but these are things u don’t mess up on. like wen we break up she goes nd get a Facebook nd talk to like a million boys. then she talks to dudes that I Got into it with. I feel like if she is my girl that she supposed to have my Bak on everything. but when we are together she says nothing but good things. she only does these things because she wana get me mad PR some stupid reason. I know she loves me tho. so anyway I go to jail and some stupid girls that I got into it with told her I was cheating on her nd stuff. so wen I call her she tried to break up with me. bit I begged her not to. I was in jail 3 months nd the whole time I didn’t feel trust in her. I knew she was doin something. next thing u know I found out she was goin to clubs nd dancing with other dudes nd texting alot of boys nd stuff. wtf. I’m in jail nd this is wat u do to me? her excuse is that she didn’t care about anything no more. she just was so hurt that I did her wrong that she wanted to take her mind off of it. BS. then I found out she put promiscuous pics on her Facebook. man I feel like people think of me as damn he wit a hoe. or he can’t control his girl. I’m so hurt because today I got mad at her for drinking when she knows I don’t like that. so I turned her phone off because I wanted to be Done with her because I’m tired of her doin things I don’t like. plus the phone is in my name. then she get mad nd send me her club pics because she heard I was talking to another girl. nd omg man wen I seen those pics my heart dropped. even tho it was like 3 months old I can’t believe she had the heart to do that in the first place. so I call her nd she acts like she don’t care because she was mad
but wen she calmed down she said she know she wont ever go to a club no more because she know that isn’t classy nd all this other BS. idle whether to believe her or not. she always mess IP with stupid mistakes n I mean it’s not like she cheats but idk man she let her anger control her. nd to be honest I do wana leave her but something won’t let me. I wish I could just start all over with another girl but idk man. I love her too much. but I also feel so much pain everytime I think about it. please give me good advice. email me at barberkeith15197@gmail.com please


Jonathon Boruff December 9, 2011 at 10:28 am

I am 24, an have no clue what to do any more. My ex seems like she is having the time of her life. While I am stuck here in a rut I barely eat,sleep,talk,hang out with friends, hell I’m just not my self. what can I do I really need help. 

If any one can help email me @ jonathon.boruff@gmail.com 


Grazp December 22, 2011 at 12:53 pm

of course she’s making it appear like she’s having a great time. Women are masters at deception. Sometimes, in fact, womenneed to see their ex be a man without them, make sense? It’s confusing at first. BEST thing you can do is go somewhere where a good friend of hers sees you with another girl. It makes it less obvious. Play the game. I know, why should you have to? Because women are all Satan. I wish I could say it gets better. It gets really hard whn youre 43, 8 year relationship out the window. What you do immediately after a break up is huge. Unfortunately, when it comes to women, I’m the worst.


Tarpon78 December 25, 2011 at 6:48 pm

@ Ak AOD couldn’t have said it better myself.


Hinsuastti January 5, 2012 at 3:55 pm

I need some advice please.. . So i met this girl over the summer. We went out for about 2 months… the attraction and love we built up made things advance soo fast!! The connection/chemistry was incredibly strong, up to the point where we were afraid that things were gonna end up tragically and soon.
Unfortunately, there was a problem, even though she is a very attractive woman, her self-confidence was low. (TRUST PROBLEMS)I base this observation n the fact that she will violate my privacy by looking through my phone (txt.phone calls), she will search my computer files, my car, my fcb, etc. She used to get mad saying that other girls (who were my friends) were trying to be with me. sHE would get mad if i wanted to go out with my guy friends. The 2 times i went out with some guy friends she blew up my phone with calls/txts trying to figure out what I was doing. She was very possessive. Furthermore, she broke up with me after the first month Consequently, after 4-5 days, she tried to go back w me. I avoided her but then she txted me saying that she had a brain tumor and that was the reason she broke up with me. I felt bad, contacted her and got back with her. Later during our second month, whicle i was taking a shower she searched my computer files as usual. and she found pictures of one of my past girlfriends and soem friends. (I didnt know those pictures were still there).She got really upset and broke up w me. I asked her not to break up that pix were part of my past.. that i wasnt cheating on her. But nothing made her change her mind. So I got my pride, and after that day i never saw her or talk to her again. After 3/4 weeks she started prank calling me in private and clicking. She did it for like a month (1 to 2 times per week). Finally she stopped After 3 months she calls me in private and finally decided to talk (for about 1.5 hours, i ended the conversation). She apologized for not wanting to be in a relationship, and not bing there for me when i needed her back then. She said she contacnted me after all this time, bc she was waiting for things to cool down to contact me and talk like “adults”… but knowing her for her lies.. its hard to believe. I dont think those are her really intension. I mean.. why would anyone care to be in “GOOD” terms with an ex after such a long time and knowing that we wont probably see each other ever again. From the things she did, i think she has no conscience nor shame. I asked her why she lied about the brain tumor and she excused herself by saying that she was desperate to get back w me back then. She not only lied about that… she also lied about having an ex-bf who was abusive, she lied about once having complications bc of her brain tumor and calling 911 (that lie just bc i didnt pick up my phone and didnt call her until 30 mins later). Is this person mentally unstable?? why is she contacting me after 5 months of no contact? is she trying to get back with me? or just mess with my mind?? or does she really have the intention to end thing as adults in “good terms”? what should i do? please help me determine whats this person is trying to do. I honestly still have some feelings for her. Its been 3 weeks since she called me. What should I do?? move on, wait for her to contact me again or contact her and find out her intentions? Please give me some wise advise. THANK U ALL!!
please contact me to hinsuastti@yahoo.com


ryder February 2, 2012 at 8:56 am

 I have been going through some very hard times. I started out dating a girl for very over 2 years we very quickly jumped into everything as we feel in love at a fast rate after about 6 months moving in with each other as a scale of how fast things moved. Back in November we had some major issues where she moved in with her friend to get some space. After a few days she came back but I was very upset and started hanging out with a Co worker that I had some chemistry with. It started out simple. I then found my self deciding between 2 women and since me and my gf of 2 years had so much resentment built up that we decided to end everything. and I wanted to get the taste of something new in my life. My Co worker,  was in a little bit of a bind with money and a place to live.  I decided to let her move in as something temporary. She moved in and my ex gf  found out about it she was abit mad but I explained it was to help her out as well as she would pay part of the rent to help me out. After about a month we met for coffee to just put are past behind us so  we  could move on to be just friends. The spark I never thought would ever come back did the second I started talking to her. At this point the chemistry between me and my Co worker died down as she made it clear she wasn’t looking at getting into any kind or relationship. I was feeling so Codepent at this time I just wanted someone close to rely on. Me and my ex started to slowly start building the trust back up but the question came up if I had hooked up with Co worker I lyed and told her no when I really did. She began to get  suspicious and ended up going on my facebook and phone and talking to my co worker,  where she asked what we had done my co worker told her everything and that we had hooked up. At this point my ex was devastated and felt betrayed, we had been officially broken up at the time we and my co worker hooked up but it was so soon after we had broken up that it happend. My ex wanted nothing to do with me and my co worker/ roomate also was pretty upset that i was going back to my ex. 2 days ago i hit rock bottom after popping 20 Vicodin , 20 percoets and also 2 packs of uni-some sleeping pils While also downing it all with a 26oz of vodka. I guess at some point while in my black out state of mind i called my ex , she knew something was wrong and called the police who arrived to find me unconscious. i was rushed to the hospital and they pumped my stomach and drained everything. I woke up and explained my story and explained i was so drunk i didnt know what i was doing, and just minipulated my way out of them thinking i was trying to kill myself.They later released me the next day. I came home to find my co worker moved out. And also the property manager kicking me out of my place due to the scare it had put on the neighbours. Im trying to keep myself busy, but i find myself very OCD about thinking about my ex and wanting to show her how bad i feel about putting her through all this stress. I dont know how to just move on or how to even think about anything else. People keep telling me to stay busy but it always in the back of my mind digging away. Should I try and just move on or should i give her space and try and patch a few things over so down the road there might be a chance for a possible future again. I em finding myself so co dependent it hard to be by myself as i start feeling lonely very quickly.
 If anyone has any advice it would help i just wanna feel happy being by myself again but dont know the proper path to in doing so. I think if someone has gone through anything similar with being co dependent and what helped them might also be able to help me in some way.  I also apologize for my horrible grammar im a trades man and rarely need to write.


Fortunate1 February 18, 2012 at 7:19 am

omg… so funny… because i was on a date with a girl, a one-nighter, got her home and naked in no time and we had a couple hours of hot sex.  both exhausted and in good mood, i light a joint and we start talking… don’t no how the convo got there, but she starts telling me about her “psycho x” and how she was with him for 2 years and they brok up and he started boffing his co-worker (and lied about it) and then he tried to kill himself with vicodin and vodka and tells me the exact story you describe!  It’s gotta be you dude.   Anyhow, contact me because i filmed the entire thing (she never knew) and you can tell me if its not the same girl… screams like a little girl right before she comes(>?<)  anyhow… great chick… but i think she's the one who may be whacky -or maybe you both are – in which case maybe call her up and see if she wants to get back wit ya.  She is a little tiger in bed – quite surprising really because she didn't appear so - so maybe keep her around (if she's still willing) until you find someone new to help you get over her?    I mean… she's hot and all… and, yes, a tiger with a great mouth, but she's not THAT hard to get over… I'm already over her!


Just that guy February 24, 2012 at 8:32 pm

Dude i was in a similar situation bout the long relationships n deciding between the 2 n everything, but my ex didnt find out bout the one frm work (still kinda wiv her makes me feel gd), gotta be secretive bout that shit! but yh iv just bn poppin mixed grills n shit recently, got so mashed i went through the window in my front door twice and i didnt even make it out for my birthday this week and wen me n my mates wer chillin, after i just passed out for the whole time – was so disappointing. We broke up around september for the last year of uni coz we didnt want the hassle, she was a sloshy bitch, we had a lot of bad history and thought i could do better. We decided to be friends n see each other when we needed to as we do get on well, we both get lonely and like cuddling n shit so figured it’d be nice to have someone there. first off was fucking great felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders n i just had a friend with benefits wen i needed. Then gradually i decided i wanted her back coz after ‘getting out there’ i realised it wasnt that great, i wasnt too successful with girls, i couldnt accept rejection, thought i would never find anyone as good as her after uni..turns out the sex was actually really good and i think im one of those guys who likes to get comfy with a girl before doin stuff.. i mean a few pulls makes u feel gd n tryin to get laid i kept thinkin bout her.. (think my ADD + anxiety doesnt help) so i went mr floppy haha but we managed to in the end! But getting messy n pestering birds gets a bit boring and gettin too messy isn’t good for your academic life/career.
 Anyway my bird werent on getting bk wiv me n iv asked her a few times – it confuses me she gives me signals that she wants to get back – she wants to see me (usualy only wen shes hungover and lying in bed all day)..we keep seein each other wen we are lonely or w.e. n end up fucking n shes usually on it, it feels gd seein each other coz we love watchin films, cuddling n we have a laugh the sex is great n shit but for some bizarre reason i get down that shes not mine and shes probably been with other people by now which makes it more weird wen i see her. And weneva i do see her she asks me if iv bn wiv anyone else i always say why are you asking me this we both dont want to know n it means iv gotta ask you etc. n shes like iv just got to know n i lie n say no coz the other answer would result in either me bein upset with what she says (that shes been with a few people), or her being upset with what i said (that iv bn with a few)..so im starting to think its better just to go our seperate ways.
 Its been hard to get over my ex…had some REALLY amazing times, was reli hot had great titties, nice n curvy, pretty face (nose was a bit funny) just difficult to physically fault really..well in my eyes..got on really well can always have a laugh..unless if shes in her funny mood in which case shes a bitch. I reckon i could accept that and it would be worth it for the good times now though..I asked her again recently she said no for some stupid reason (“i just can’t”..?? wtf?) part of me thinks shes right – that we broke up for a reason but i cant stop blaming it on myself for holding grudges, neglecting her over summer n prety much urging us to break up by acting like a shit boyf, also not getting bk together wen she wanted to etc. So yh asked her again recently, said no n i became a bit of a bum lately – confidence was shot, had no motivation was thinking depressively, ignoring my friends and using methods of instant dopamine release to get that little spark of happiness (drinking, getting high, wanking etc.) ended up just gettin too mashed n lyin in bed all day watchin tv n playin xbox (without her – shes always too busy to see me wen i wana see her) but now im angry at myself for it – i shouldnt let emotions get the best of me, especially at an important time like this when my studies are due in soon. I shouldn’t ‘need’ anyone there for me im not a kid any more. Emotions can be helpeful in signifiying some sort of problem in your life but they should not become the problem in your life. 
 This morning i decided i was fed up. Decided to do some reading, found this forum n saw it was quite interesting. I look at myself and say ‘you’re stronger than this, if she can get on with her life and accept we are just friends then so can i’ iv realised ‘official’ relationships are not the way forward especially if you jump into them when your young you become too dependant on each other and restrict each other living your youth to the full. Just start seeing girls you like then you have nothing to worry about really, no commitments and you wil be surprised the number of birds who come round watch a film, cuddle, wana stay round, your faces end up getting closer n it just goes on from there ;) And once you’ve “gained entry” the bird will wana do it again then you’ve got a link n usually u dont have to mention the word relationship! You’re right the way to get over this is to keep busy but you need the mental strength to do that. Keep asking yourself ‘Your not mentally weak are you?’ say ‘I’m (your name) and im better than all of you.’ Communicate with as many girls as you can, practice your social skills etc. Set yourself some goals (try the StyleLife challenge) so you have something to get out of bed for in the mornings, wack on some music, eat some breakfast, set some goals for the day n do it. tick em off once you’ve done em, gradually you will be getting closer to your top goal and the more progress you make the better you will feel and the more you will feel a sense of achievement, forget about her and have a different view on life itself. im fed up of getting messy, it makes my mental problems (ADD, anxiety, depression, lethargy etc) makes them so much worse in the long run. Im still gna go out and have fun with my friends, still gona be seeing this girl from work, still gona pester girls etc. its lent now so im not doing any drugs (no alcohol – or even wank!) for the next 40 days to see how that makes me feel and as a goal if i complete it i will feel even better! I’m confident that i have the mental strength to do that!
Anyway for advice id say if u got a gd group of lads get on it wiv them, will make u feel gd but dnt use drugs or nothin as a crutch work on your social skills and meet new people. You need to stop being so co-dependant as from personal experience i can tell you if you keep getting affected by being lonely you will be so unproductive it will make you very depressed and can affect your life outside of the social world. Read around stuff, any problems just type it into google (thats what iv just done) learn about your brain and how women work if you can control your brain and see your problems from an out of the box view you can help control your emotions and do whatever you want. Definitely start goin to the gym if you’re not already, (gain some knowledge on this) n put 100% in, endorphin  releases will make you feel good, people may even start compimenting you if you put on some muscle size and definition and your life will have a new purpose, as well as the benefits of keeping fit! Stop talking to her first and making it out like your lower value (especially the pity calls wen ur drunk, makes you seem very weak) – women don’t like pity. She will contact you if she wants to and trust as soon as she sees ur moving on with your life n your higher value than her shes either gona wana talk to you (be patient with this it can take a week to a month) or shes moving on wiv sum other guy (which you will have to assume and accept if shes not talking to you) in that case she didnt deserve you and you can do better. Definitely read ‘the game’ by neil strauss dude its so helpful, ‘instant confidence’ by paul mckenna and have a look at this:http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=mind%20of%20mystery%20care%20bear%20stare%20lovedrop&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CDoQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.area51lifestyle.com%2Fmy%2Fmindofmysterytranscript.doc&ei=FtZHT_GiBIer0QWN39iKDg&usg=AFQjCNG7XdTrpC5DEepFCGXKZkPyU961WQ. This stuff will help you understand one-itis and how to get over this and that theres plenty more girls out there who will understand you better and provide that spark again – but in due time. For now go out try n talk to some other birds, even guys! (not sayin go be gay) just get to meet people and have a good time! Even draw up your goals n put em up on a wall somewhere! Mental re-enforcement and encouraging thoughts are stronger than you may think. If you’re feeling down try some 5-htp i rate it. Don’t blame yourself as well, after 2 years if something isn’t working there’s definitely a reason for it not working and it’s hard to try to remember this after just the good times stick in your head. It’s not a bad thing what you’ve done..iv done it too even after swearing to be faithful in every relationship i have (that went down the drain after my ex pulled someone i knew in a club as we were getting together after saying we were falling for each other n that for a spiteful reason – i got kicked out a club for drugs on our last night before she went away for a week….. that kind of broke my heart, made me paranoid bout her goin out when we had argued and sparked the initial resentment against her which lead to me cheating on her in spite..should.ve ended it then but i was a weak pushover so just went bk to her).i’ve realised after gaining knowledge how people can’t really be trusted in relationships especially at a young age after reading around the ‘caveman’ type natural promiscuity of girls that where in the right circumstances any girl will do anything..i’ve almost lost trust in love and two people settling down for the rest of their life from what iv seen but thats a negative thought so i don’t think it – at the moment iv still got hope im only 21 theres still much to learn. There’s thousands more girls out there you’re gonna meet just stop thinking about having a relationship now and don’t expect it as the outcome, if you’re outcome dependant you come across as being desperate and women can read your intentions then when/if you do get rejected you care and let it get to you! It’s hard but practice will make perfect. Depends wt kind of relationship u wana hav with your ex now if u wana be friends or get back with her, either way her opinion of you will be emotional, not logical so reasoning with her aint gona do sh*t so at the end of the day you gotta come across that you are high value, say your sorry, shit happens, and accept any outcome. He who cares less feels better. And men always want what they can’t have! Anyway thats my advice just coz iv bn goin thru this for a few months now and i hate feeling the way you are. Let me know how it goes with yours :) trying to lose feelings for someone is hard but it can be done!


Benjibeach February 29, 2012 at 9:40 pm

I was with my girl for three years. Just about four days before we broke up she was talking about this trip to florida we planned and how happy she was about us going together. We already bought ticketes. Then she just says she wants to be single and isn’t ready for a serious relationship.


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